Snell’s presence rubs off on other Cats

Benny Snell (Keith Taylor Photo)

Benny Snell (Keith Taylor Photo)


Not only has freshman running back Benny Snell brought a physical presence to the Kentucky offense, but he’s also rubbed off on other players on the team.

“He changes a lot of things. When you recruit, he’s what we thought he was going to be, but it just is a little faster than maybe you anticipated,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “But that hard nosed, great balance, tough runner, tough mindset, tough attitude, no BS about him.

“He’s here to work and win football games and get better. And I love that. So, he helps in a lot of ways, but you got to give a lot of credit to all of our backs, Boom had some big runs. He put the ball on the ground, but he had some big runs early. He’s explosive, he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’s probably frustrated, but you put the ball on the ground, and we went with the other guys and they got hot.

“And really you got to give a lot of credit to Jojo, I thought the run when he bounced it and outran him and got the first down was huge. That’s a big play. And so, you know, it’s nice seeing somebody step up when their number’s called.”


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  1. If he keeps his head screwed on right, this kid is going to be something really special. What an athlete.

    1. Yeah man. He’s a Hoss.

  2. Sometimes all it takes is a spark. Nice job Benny!

  3. If it’s based on ball security and hard nosed running Snell should be starting.

    1. Politics LP. Politics. Football is a social game. Violent but social none the less.

      1. Enlighten me RJ. If what you say is true, no wonder Stoops has a losing record. Put your best athletes on the field to start the game. Snell has earned it.

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