No real injury update, but Stoops admits depth getting to be an issue

Mark Stoops was not happy all the time during Saturday's win over Mississippi State. (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Mark Stoops was not happy all the time during Saturday’s win over Mississippi State. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Kentucky had a lot of injuries during Saturday’s win over Mississippi State, but the only specific injury update that coach Mark Stoops gave at Monday’s press conference was that there was no update on quarterback Drew Barker.

He’s not played since the first series of the third game because of a back injury and it’s looking like he may not play again since UK has only five games left including the one Saturday at Missouri.

Running back JoJo Kemp left Saturday’s game with a hand injury in the first quarter and came back to the sideline with a cast on his left hand. Freshman offensive tackle Landon Young sprained an ankle. Linebacker Jordan Bonner hurt his knee. Several other players left the game at various times.

“I think we’re in pretty good shape honestly. We are, we’re banged up but you know that’s going to be the message to the team, too: ‘Tell me who’s not.’ You know, everybody is. Again, we appreciate them. Our team has been that way. Kids are playing banged up, bruised and fighting through it, but we have to,” Stoops said.

“It’s definitely getting a concern, even with the (line)backers we were talking about last week, the guys that were out for the season. It starts hurting you on your special teams. It does get to be an issue and we have to have other guys step up. We fell a little short there again Saturday. We have to have some guys make plays that don’t normally get those opportunities.

“We just, we’re going to have a lot of plays, this team. Looking forward to Missouri, and the challenge there is that they play absolutely extremely fast. So, they played 112 offensive snaps last week. Yeah. 112. That’s two games. So, we need to, depth is an issue. We can’t let them have 112 plays. But depth is an issue and we have to have more guys step up and be ready to play.”

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