Landon Young “won’t flinch or lose confidence”

Landon Young, left, is gaining valuable experience. (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Landon Young, left, is gaining valuable experience. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Freshman offensive tackle Landon  Young had some difficult moments in last week’s loss at Alabama, but coahc Mark Stoops has seen nothing to make him worry about his star freshman.

“There is no doubt that he just saw one of the most difficult situations he’ll ever be in. He’s a true freshman and did some good things and got beat some (at Alabama),” said Stoops. “That’s going to happen. That experience, you can’t replace that. He’s a great kid. The nice kid about him is it won’t faze him, he won’t flinch or lose confidence.”

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran feels the same way.

“I grabbed him around the neck the other day and told him what a great job he’s doing. It’s tough. A left tackle is like a corner. He’s like the quarterback. Everybody knows, everybody sees it and you’ve got to have a short term memory. He’s gonna continue to grow and get better,” Gran said.

“I just told him, ‘Hey, you’re doing a great job. Keep working.’ What he does is if he sees what he did wrong, he usually fixes it, and if he’ll do that he’s gonna be fine. But yeah, he’s had two opportunities that not many freshman get, so I think he’s embracing it and I’m really proud of him.”

Junior Cole Mosier injured his ankle in game two against Florida and has not played since. He could be back Saturday for Vanderbilt.

“What it does is it just gives us that depth. Now, you got a fresher Landon, you got a fresher Cole, and so it just helps us in terms of the depth and then the plays that they’re gonna get. Now you don’t have to play Landon 60 plays, you don’t have to play Cole 60 plays,” Gran said.


  1. This kid is the real deal. Love watching him play.

  2. The thing that I like about him, if he gets beat on a play, it doesn’t seem to faze him. He learns from his mistakes. He is going to be a monster in a couple of years.

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