Kentucky vs. Missouri Photo Gallery

Photos by Vicky Graff

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  1. That was a big time win for the players, coaching staff, and BBN. Coach Mike is even gaining some respect for what Stoops is getting done with this team. The OL looks to be as good as any in the SEC, the defense playing much better, and the running backs are as good a tandem as any in the country. Stevie Johnson has become a very good and efficient quarterback, but he still scares the hell out of me when he drops back to pass. We had a chance for a blowout, and I thought that Gran became too conservative and questionable with his decisions in the last 3 series. You don’t go up by 35-7 and then let them score the last 14 points. If Grab had kept the pedal down both running backs would have gotten 200 yds. each.
    Great day for all of us and so nice to be going bowling.

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