Jordan Jones’ play contagious

Jordan Jones (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Jordan Jones (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Sophomore linebacker Jordan Jones has become the inspirational leader for Kentucky’s defense with his intensity and passion on the field. He may not always make the right play, but he always goes full speed and has become UK’s leading tackler this season.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Jones’ play is “very contagious” for teammates.

“He’s fun. And it’s a big piece of that in practice. Every day he’s like that. There’s not one thing that’s fake or phony. He loves the game. He plays that way on Saturday and he plays that way on Monday. Love seeing that,” Stoops said.

“We really did dissect — someone was asking me some of the things we did (during off week) — we really looked at a lot of plays, whether they were scheme or what players were in the game, why, and how to get them in better position. He is a guy that’s really grown because he makes an enormous amount of plays as you know.

“But there were some things that were going on that he needed to fix and not play as loose. He’s tightening up on that and getting a lot better. That comes from experience.

“He’s a true sophomore, so he’s six games into his sophomore season. He’s going to be a heck of a player.”


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  1. I really hope that it is contagious, because everybody on the team needs to play with that kind of enthusiasm. It would be a different looking season if they did.

  2. The kid is a player.

    1. I will amen that! UK needs about 22 more just like him on both sides of the ball game.

  3. These guys are learning how to win at this level. They had a chance to fold up the tents but redoubled their efforts instead. Their minds are right and the execution is better every week. We’re going bowling this year. I feel it.

    GO CATS !!!!

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