J.B. Holmes: “We just loved being around each other.”

Ryder Cup fans waited Friday for J.B. Holmes to sign autographs. (Aaron Rowland Photo)

Ryder Cup fans waited Friday for J.B. Holmes to sign autographs. (Aaron Rowland Photo)

Kentuckian J.B. Holmes was part of Team USA that beat Europe 17-11 to win back the Ryder Cup for the United State Sunday.

So what was the best Ryder Cup memory for the former UK star from Taylor County?

‘For me, it was just being in the team room and really seeing how all the guys came together. As far as one moment, I don’t know if it was — if I could think of one moment, but every night we sat down and had dinner together. Just supported each other and knew we had a plan,”  Holmes said.

“We were going to go out and we just  loved being around each other. It was a real team. There was no more individuals. The sports individual was gone. We walked into that team room, as soon as everybody got here, it was a team.

“It’s just so awesome to have that feeling and just know that every one of these guys got my back. So that was just the whole week, I guess, summed up kind of.”


  1. The wife and I followed J.B. around the course at Sugarloaf couple of years ago. It was the Bell South Classic as I recall. I once thought that I could hit a golf ball a fair distance but watching Holmes was truly a humbling experience. My 260 to 275 yard pop flys couldn’t come close. Not only can he hit his driver over 300 yards with regularity but he can “shape” the damned ball such that he can tell you exactly where it’s intended to land and end up. Given all of that he’s also a really “nice guy”. Glad to see him healthy and back playing on the tour again..

  2. Congratulations J.B. Great to see a small-town guy from central Kentucky do so well. He’s now represented his country five times (two Ryder Cups, President’s Cup, Walker Cup and Palmer Cup) and has been on the winning team every time. An amazing achievement.

    1. Thanks for the info on J.B. did not know teams he were on had never lost in match play. amazing

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