How much will Willis show he can play?

Derek Willis (Vicky Graff Photo)

Derek Willis (Vicky Graff Photo)


Going into the season Derek Willis is being counted on to be in John Calipari’s eight-man rotation. What Willis has to show is just how high he deserves to be in that rotation.

“The question is, ‘Are you a guy that we know we can count on every game for 25 minutes, 30 minutes or is it every once in a while you can do that?’ Well then what we’re doing is every once in a while we’ll play you 25 minutes. It’s just, ‘What are you? How consistent are you?’” Calipari said.

The UK coach says Willis and Dominique Hawkins, both four-year players, should be mentally and physically ahead of other players.

“(Freshman) Wenyen (Gabriel) should not be past Derek at this point. If he is then … And I would say if you watch they’re two different players. Derek is more of a threeish, four stretch, and Wenyen’s probably a straight stretch four. But he could play three. Wenyen is just bigger. He’s bigger and longer and blocks shots.”

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