Guest post: Too early for fans to celebrate

Mark Stoops and Mitch Barnhart walk off after the win over Mississippi State. (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Mark Stoops and Mitch Barnhart walk off after the win over Mississippi State. (Wade Upchurch Photo)


An old sports adage goes something like “you are never as good as your last win and never as bad as your last loss.”

I think as UK football fans that’s the position we should be taking. I am as happy as anyone with the last second field goal that sent Mississippi State home as the bottom dweller in the SEC that it is.

But that’s just it. They are 2-5 overall and last in the SEC West. We should beat them at home. In fact, so far this season we have won four games against teams that have a combined record of 11-18. That is great. That is what we need to do as a first step towards building a winning program. But it is against four teams with overall non-winning records in 2016.

Also keep in mind that Mark Stoops teams are 1-13 on the road in the SEC during his tenure at UK. We have a big hurdle Saturday against a mediocre Mizzou team ON THE ROAD. IF we can win that game it will help to validate that this program is moving forward.

We will have exorcised the demons of “losing in the last minute after blowing an opportunity to put the game away ” and ” winning a pivotal game on the road in the SEC against anybody.” But right now that’ s a big IF.

Bottom line is we need to enjoy the moment but don’t get to carried away with the last game because another huge game is on the horizon.


  1. I agree with you Keith, and have said much of what you say in my earlier posts. Stoops has to beat 5 wins in 2016 before I say progress has been made. He has not done that yet. When he does, we can all shout it out in 2016. Maybe they even go bowling. If he some how wins 7, he will strengthen his future as UK head football coach for a few years to come. In their past, UK has been awful in football by folding on must win games. All one has to do is look at Florida, Tennessee, and Louisville and the win streaks they have over the Cats. Stoops’ win record on the road against SEC teams is a train wreck as you point out. Missouri Sat is a must win to move this program forward. Lose this one and the path to the magic 6 wins gets much harder.

  2. Agree with the Pupmeister in all of the above. If Stoops fails to secure this victory in another “must win” game the heat will return to his hot seat. This will, in all likelihood, finish us with another 5-7 campaign, and I would hope that wouldn’t save his future at UK. I was feeling pretty good about this game until I saw the real record under Stoops on the road. I am still not convinced that Stoops is the long term answer at UK. Do realize how long it will take him to even hit .500 if he stays? If he wins this game, and we go bowling there will be many happy campers out there. Seize the moment Cats…..we do have the talent!

  3. Great JOb by the team and a great road win. Lets go bowling and then beat Georgia!!

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