Guest post: Nerlens Noel perfect fit for Boston


What’s going on with Nerlens Noel?  The Philadelphia 76ers have had “the process” going on for quite some time, and that brings up some questions about Noel….

WHAT IS THE PROCESS?:  The process is a term phrased by 76ers fans, as the team played poorly with poor players and “intentionally” tried to obtain high draft picks.   This plan included drafting Noel in 2013 6th overall.  The Sixers made a trade to get him, and drafted two other high draft picks at his position in subsequent years (Joel Emiid, Jahlil Okafor).
WHAT IS NOEL’S FUTURE?:  The Boston Celtics.  For you UK/NBA fans, I predict a straight up trade between the 76ers and Boston Celtics for Noel and Avery Bradley.  This trade fits needs for both teams with extremely young players on each side that excel at their positions.  The 76ers have an overflow of young talent in their front-court, and the Celtics have the sub-verse of that with their glut of backcourt talent.
BOTTOM LINE:  This trade, if  it does to happen, completely fortifies the Boston Celtics.  I believe that Nerlens Noel can fully develop into a prime post defender in Boston.   Alongside new Celtic Al Horford, this can be a beautiful inside-outside combo.  I believe that is this trade were to happen, it may solidify Noel as the next Ben Wallace.

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