Gran says Boom Williams “will be just fine”

Boom Williams (Keith Taylor Photo)

Boom Williams (Keith Taylor Photo)


When Boom Williams was taken out of a game last season and didn’t like it, he let everyone know and may have even temporarily left the team even though that report was never confirmed.

Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said all summer he need Williams to mature physically and mentally. Apparently he has.

The junior running back fumbled against Vanderbilt last week and the ball was returned for a score in the third quarter. Williams never got back in the game because JoJo Kemp and Benny Snell both came in and ran well.

Gran said Tuesday that Williams has been “unbelievable” since the fumble and not going back in the game.

“He had a great practice, unbelievable in the film room today,” Gran said after Tuesday’s practice. “It had nothing to do with anything except those two other guys were rolling. They were going and we had a nice little rhythm. He’s going to be just fine. I’m excited as a matter of fact to see him in the next game.”

“I love Boom. Love Benny. Love everybody on our team. We won the game and he’s excited about that. There’s going to be some things that happen and he’ll recover and he already has and it’s time to move on.

“That’s one thing about me and I told the guys this earlier, I’ve got short-term memories and he’s not going to be the first one or the last one (to fumble). It’s not going to be the last one that happens.

“Again, if I could’ve put him in the next three series from there or whatever, OK. I could have. But we were on a roll. We were going. Had nothing to do with anything else.”


  1. You have to run your program coach, not the other way around. When (and if) Boom makes it to the next level and he puts a ball on the ground, it will cost him more than a little playing time. It will cost him money both in value to the team and his paycheck. He had better get used to that little fact of life.

  2. It’s a wonderful thing to have three running backs with different styles. And this could work the other way around. Let Benny pound on em for a while then let Boom blister em.
    Nice job of getting your arms around your players Coach.

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