Eliot, Stoops back to similar to what they had at Florida State


Remember after the New Mexico State game when coach Mark Stoops said he would be more involved with the defense. Many thought he was already extremely active with the defense.

After Wednesday’s practice, defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot explained how the plan was similar to what they did at Florida State when Stoops was defensive coordinator and Eliot was the linebacker coach.

We always worked well together. I think 20 years. So it’s been 20 years. So we’ve always worked well together. You know what I mean? It is more similar to Florida State in the fact that it’s not all on me. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s not all on me,” Eliot said.

“It’s somebody in there that’s like ‘Hey, man, you work on this, I’ll work on this. Let’s get back together. Let me hear your ideas, my ideas. Let’s call this on this time, you call this on that time. I’ll look for this, you look for that.’

“So, it’s been good. Now, he’s had to relieve some head coaching responsibilities but he, going into his fourth year, there’s not as much strain on him. You know? So he’s been able to come in there and work with us on defense more.”


  1. Really does look like things are coming together for Stoops. Fantastic.

    GO CATS !!!

  2. Beating cellar dwellers is not exactly coming together but I’ll take it. Win three out of the next five (very doable) and I’m a happy camper.

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