Eli Brown still learning how to execute system


Redshirt freshman linebacker Eli Brown had his best game at Alabama last week and defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot noticed.

“Eli has really good instincts. I think Eli is very athletic. Eli is a very sure tackler,” Eliot said Wednesday. “Eli, though, is a freshman. Eli was just with our scout team last year and didn’t get any reps within our scheme, so where he needs to work is continuing to understand the scheme and execute the scheme.

“He’s getting better, so that’s why Eli is getting more playing time and I think the better he gets the more playing time he’ll see and the more plays he’ll make.”

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops believes Brown is getting better with his execution.

“He’s not like a fish out of water so much. He’s learning to play within the system. He’s always had great talent. He can run. He needs to get more physical and you can see that. He can run but he needs to put on some weight and lift,” Stoops said.

Eli Brown Video

See what Brown had to say after UK’s practice Wednesday:



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