Dominant line leads to huge games for Williams, Snell

Benny Snell (26) ran for 192 yards Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Benny Snell (26) ran for 192 yards Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


After running for 192 yards and two touchdowns to move him ahead of Randall Cobb on Kentucky’s all-time rushing touchdown list for freshmen, Benny Snell knew who to credit for his performance in Saturday’s 35-21 win over Missouri.

Snell said the “made the most” of UK’s dominant offensive  line play.

“Those guys are great. Guys are down on the sideline and the line is yelling, getting us hype and I’m just grateful for the line we got,” Snell said. 
“Without a doubt there is way more we can get better on. Way more we can do in the future. Were going to get our rest and Monday we will prepare for the next team.”

Running mate Boom Williams had 182 yards rushing and one touchdown along with a touchdown reception.

“It’s fun. Benny and I doing this thing. He keeps going, going, going and I am waiting for him to get tired. And then it’s my turn,” Williams said. “I want to get in there. Offensive line, wide receivers, everybody did their part and did a great job of blocking. So that’s how me and Benny are able to do what we do once they do their part.”

Missouri defensive lineman Rickey Hatley said his team went for the “kill shot” too much against Snell and Williams.

“You have to wrap them up and just get them down before they go for a long run or a touchdown. That’s real frustrating right there when you’ve been doing good each and every series and all of a sudden you come down and miss a tackle. That can be a real momentum killer,” Hatley said.

It was.

Snell had a phenomenal 38 carries due to UK’s success running the football and also senior JoJo Kemp not playing because of a left hand injury suffered last week. He had a cast on his  left hand even though he was in full gear on the sideline during the game.

“JoJo, he could play but you could see he’s got a cast on. So, with ball security issues – JoJo was willing to do whatever he could and play hurt or with a cast on. He was an emergency (option), but just with ball security it was an issue,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “So he was ready to go, but those two knew they would probably geared up for a big day.”

The win moved Kentucky not only to 5-3 overall, but 4-2 in conference play with two league games left and still has a chance to win the division title depending on what Florida and Tennessee do.

“We are not thinking about it. It is what it is. For us, we just want to do our part and do what we need to do for us to be in that conversation. For now, our main focus is Georgia and looking forward to the next opportunity we have at home next week and for our home fans,” Williams said.


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  1. No doubt about it. Good Line play is where you win games on both sides of the ball. The guys really have it firing on all eight cylinders right now. Great win.

    1. Oline play is much better now. Snell added to the stable of UK running backs, and then actually playing him in games instead of leaving him on the bench like Gran did earlier this year, and a UK QB that actually gives them a chance to win, are the three ingredients that has led to the recent wins. They still have to get to 6 wins. The AP game should be that 6th win. Anything else is gravy. I do not see this UK team beating Tennessee in Knoxville, or Louisville at Papa Johns, sorry. I truly hope I’m wrong, if so I will gladly eat crow. I have seen UK football fold to much in the last 40 plus years. They have to dig deep and break the dominance those teams have had over them. Go Cats.

  2. Improvement across the board but the O-Line was a thing of beauty to watch. Pain and suffering in motion.
    Hello Kentucky Football… mighty pleased to meet ya.
    GO CATS !!!!!!

  3. Two things have turned the season around for the Cats. First was Stoops getting involved with the defense. From the second half of the NMST game on, it has looked like a different unit. The second thing has been the cohesiveness of the offensive line. You can have the best backs in the country, but if the line can’t open up a hole, they aren’t going anywhere. Hats off to John Schlarman and his group for a job well done.

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