Calipari working on shot selection with guards


Kentucky coach John Calipari has had his staff charting every shot that players have taken in practice because his guards at times have been “too casual” with makes and misses.

He talked about how freshman Malik Monk made eight straight difficult shots in practice. He stopped practice and told his players that meant Monk should never miss seven in a row.

“If he misses seven straight, he’s not even thinking about making it, he’s singing a song, he’s not looking at the rim. How do you miss seven in a row if you can make eight in a row? So, the same with De’Aaron Fox. I mean, it’s just having them approach all this different and think different. This will be new to them,” Calipari said.

“Malik’s mind moves a little faster. De’Aaron’s mind moves real slow. Like you see him just see things develop where Malik just jumps that high  on the shot. So now every shot he takes is like, ‘Well, I was open.’ You weren’t really open. You just happened to jump over the guy.'”


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