Calipari: Monk will probably take most shots on team

Malik Monk (Vicky Graff Photo)

Malik Monk (Vicky Graff Photo)


NASHVILLE — Malik Monk is going to take the most shots for Kentucky this year. Or at least Kentucky coach John Calipari expects it to work that way with his freshman guard.

“Malik is a guy that can get his own shots. It’s just defining what that shot is,” Calipari said Wednesday here during the SEC Media Day.

Calipari explained last week at UK’s Media Day what adjustments Monk faced.

“The hardest thing for a basketball player to do is dribble two really hard dribbles. You are flying, and then pull up and shoot a ball from 15, 17 feet. It’s the hardest thing in the game, and he can do that easy,” Calipari said. “It’s very easy for him to do.

“The best players I’ve coached make really hard things look easy. Like you may say, well, that was easy, and then, well, go try it. You think it’s so easy, go ahead and do it. Then you say, wow, he makes this like it’s nothing. So there are things that he does.


Now, his game is still like this, and we need it to narrow in, but he knows it. Mind races. His feet move fast, so does his mind. We’re trying to slow his mind down a little bit.”

Calipari said Monk is fun to coach and accepts coaching.

“My thing with Malik is, ‘You must respect each shot, because you’re probably going to be like Jamal (Murray) and take the most shots on our team.’ He’s learning and getting better,” Calipari said Wednesday.


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