Benny Snell: “We know when we’re going in”

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Stephen Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here’s what Benny Snell and Stephen Johnson had to say after UK’s 34-6 loss at Alabama Saturday night:

#26 Benny Snell, RB

On specific game situation: “It’s in the coaches’ hands. We all stay prepared so it’s not really a game plan. We know when we’re going in.”

On amount of carries between first and second half: “It’s just the flow of the game. I expect to get the ball whenever my number is called and that’s all I can do.”

#15 Stephen Johnson, Quarterback

On today’s fumbles and protecting the ball: “I was just trying to make something happen and I didn’t hold the ball like I should. It ended up coming out those three times. That is something that I for sure need to work on this upcoming week.”

On balancing trying to extend plays and throwing the ball away or taking a sack:

“This week there was definitely an emphasis on how Alabama is a great team with a lot of speed. There was a main point of emphasis to get the ball out as quickly as possible and not trying to make too many great plays. They (Alabama) have great athletes on that side of the ball (defense) and that was one thing that I didn’t obviously focus on this week. I need to get better at that this upcoming week.”


  1. Johnson will be better Saturday. He’s known for correcting his shortcomings. The kid has drive, focus, and maturity. If the pure size of that bunch wasn’t enough, I’ll bet he never played against team speed like that before. He didn’t do bad at all.

    GO CATS!!!

  2. The facts are Alabama is the best team that we will face this year, and although the score was one-sided, the Cats played hard the whole game. That was the most rushing yds given up by Bama this year, and they were hard-fought yds. With the exception of Tennessee and Louisville, the rest of the schedule is winnable if they sustain the effort. Jordan Jones looks like a star in the making, and few teams have a pair of running backs like Williams/Snell. How they come out against Vandy will say a lot about how the rest of the season will go.

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