Will fatigue be factor for UK Saturday?

Mark Stoops hopes Matt Elam, center, does not have to play as many snaps Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Mark Stoops hopes Matt Elam, center, does not have to play as many snaps Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s defense wore down in the second half Saturday night against Southern Mississippi when UK blew a 35-17 halftime lead and lost 44-35.

That was a cool night but the visitors still ran 95 plays. What could happen to UK at Florida this Saturday when kick off is at 3:30 p.m. and it will be much, much warmer?

“I’m not sure. I mean we’re in good shape,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.

But  not if it can’t get off the field.

“Our defense, guys played 95 snaps. I think Matt Elam played don’t quote me exactly, but I want to say it was in the 70 or 80, but 70 or 80 plays,” Stoops said. “He played quite a few plays, more than I thought. So we need to do a better job of developing and bringing some guys along and getting that depth going.

“But we did have some guys play an awful lot of snaps. I believe Courtney Love played every snap, every defensive snap.”

There could also be another problem.

“We had some hydration issues that I think you see across the country. Some of these guys have very little body fat and they don’t keep very much water in their system. That’s an issue. That’ll be an issue as we go down there,” Stoops said.


  1. It ain’t going to be cool at the swamp so take lots of Gatorade.

  2. If you don’t substitute whose fault is that? Stoops should have ran his 2nd team defense in there against USM. They couldn’t have done much worse. The first team couldn’t stop em! You can’t expect guys to play 80 and 90 snaps without a blow. Come on Coach!!! If Elam is the best nose guard UK has we are in trouble. That guy needs to start playing. It’s time. This is a much weaker Florida team than in years past, but they will look like world beaters Sat. night against UK if history is any indication. They get up the “mustard” every year to keep the streak alive and UK chokes. Stoops gets up and let’s everybody know before the game that he does not worry about the 29 straight Gator wins, and all the UK faithful say “WHAT!!” Kentucky needs to end this drought, but I seriously doubt it.

  3. I was a very strident believer that UK should not have hired Patrino as the football coach and I still don’t. He would have just smelled up the place. That said, How in the world does the DC Eliot keep his job? He has had the same four years that Stoops has had and the defense is worse than Joker’s defense. Stoops fires Dawson after one year and then keeps giving his bumping buddy Eliot raises! Go figure.

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