Where does Kentucky go now?

Linebacker Jordan Jones has been one of the few bright sports for a UK defense that has allowed 89 points in two games. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Linebacker Jordan Jones has been one of the few bright sports for a UK defense that has allowed 89 points in two games. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Was it really just two or three weeks ago when Kentucky football was the sexy pick of many to be one of the most improved teams in the Southeastern Conference this season and win six, seven or maybe even eight games.

With UK leading Southern Mississippi 35-10 late in the second quarter of the first game, those projections seemed realistic. Then Southern Miss ran off 34 straight points and last week Florida opened a 45-0 lead before winning 45-7.

Now winning more than two games this year is going to require major, immediate improvement fro the Cats. So can they start over?

“To a point, yes. I’ve never been one to just wash a game. We have to all be held accountable for what we do. I know that. It starts with me,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Saturday.

“So, we’ve got to look at all the things that we’re asking these players to do and what they can do better. But to a point, yes. To a point we can only control next week and how we prepare, how we play. Let’s go try to get one victory and go from there.”


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  1. He talks about accountability, but after his defense gives up over 1,000 yards of offense through two games and ranks 123rd out of 128 teams his depth chart has the same seven defensive starters up front. That is the opposite of accountability. No wonder so many of his players don’t play hard for him. Poor play has no consequences.

  2. Yes, it starts with Stoops; and yes, he is the one that has started the downfall. I hope I am wrong, but I truly doubt he can get this fixed. It will take a complete revamping of the D coaches and he is not willing to do that. He thinks DJ hung the moon, but DJ doesn’t have clue how to be the coordinator.

  3. I hate to be repetitive but I still think there is something rotten in this program. These are high school stars that have not known a lot of defeat. After all these guys are the 25th or so best recruiting class in the country. Statistically speaking they can’t all be quitters or they would not have made it this far in their careers. I think there is a rotten apple or two on this team that for some reason the coaches will not address and they players do not like the double standard. There is a hint of this late last year and with the program this year with players on again and off again of the team, and players leaving the program. Maybe the coaches do not have the nerve to fire a kid for the good of the team, Maybe stoops thinks he needs this kid or kids to compete. Well, Stoops is uncompetitive now so what can it hurt? The attitude on this team has all the earmarks of dissension.

  4. Folks this football program has sunk to the bottom of the sea, until the ship starts uprising little by little I don’t see no any improvements any time soon. I was a Stoop fan but now I have jump off his bandwagon. I’ve seen some comments about Barnhart I don’t think it’s fair to be critical of him he’s done lot good than bad for UK. Someday our glory will come back to the football program. I will keep cheering them on regardless!! Is it basketball season yet?

  5. That’s an easy one Larry. Up! Nowhere to go but up.

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