UK’s explosive offense impressive to Nick Saban

Boom Williams (Wade Upchurch Photo)

Boom Williams (Wade Upchurch Photo)


No chance Alabama coach Nick Saban is going to insult Kentucky like ESPN analyst Lee Corso did when he said UK had the worst defense in college football on ESPN GameDay last week before UK beat South Carolina.

Saban had seemed to take a little shot at UK earlier this season when he was praising Western Kentucky before Alabama beat Wesern.

“Kentukcy has played their best in the last two games that they’ve played,” Saban said Monday. “Mark Stoops has done a good job of finding out who they are and how they want to play.

“They have really good skill players on offense. Really good running backs, wide receivers. You know the stats, they’re explosive guys. They have pretty impressive performances to this point.

“Defensively, they definitely played their very best in the last game against South Carolina. Played much better on third down. Got off the field. This is a physical team that I think it’s going to be really important that we start fast and play physical in this game.”

By the way, Alabama is a 33-point favorite.


  1. I stated when we started the season that I am a happy camper if we win the games we are supposed to win, play hard in the games we are not supposed to win and occasionally knock off a big team like AL or Ole Miss just because we don’t like getting pushed around. I still believe in that. Alabama can be beaten. They are big, talented and fast but this AL team has a few warts.

    1. I remember giving my 07 LSU tickets to a customer thinking there was no hope. I’ll be rooting for them RJ.

      And Semper Fi back at ya.

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