Stoops on Barker: “I’m excited to see him play”

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)


Drew Barker makes his third start — and first season-opening start — Saturday night when Kentucky hosts Southern Mississippi.

Coach Mark Stoops and Barker both know the quarterback needs to play well. But Stoops also continues to emphasize that the offense’s success depends on more than just Barker.

“If you look at every quote I’ve said since I’ve been here, I always will tell you that the quarterback needs help. I’ve said it every single time, no matter who the quarterback was. It’s not ever all on him,” Stoops said.

“They have to play well around him and they have to make plays for him. They have to block for him and run and do the things necessary. That’s led to us being inconsistent as the unit,.

:I think that’s where we’ve made big strides and I am excited to see the whole offensive unit and I’m certainly excited to see Drew take the field a year older and with all the work that he’s put in. I’m excited to see him play.”


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  2. I am anxious to see him play as well. I’m really hoping he has a good night. Coach is right. It’s up to every player to have a good game. However the QB is the catalyst that makes offense. Good accurate throws and good decisions from the QB will make or break a team’s performance. He’s the game manager.

  3. Agreed, RJ. I don’t care how many good pieces are around him, if the QB doesn’t play well, the offense won’t go anywhere. I am looking forward to tonight to see if Barker is the kind of leader that will pick the offense up and carry them. I know that he looked overmatched last year, but remember that Tim Couch looked the same way his Freshman year, and that worked out pretty well.

  4. By the same token, if the O-Line does not block and protect, it will not matter what Barker can do, or if the receivers drop the balls, it does not matter what the QB does, or if the RB’s do not hit the right holes at the right time, it will not matter. The QB is important, but not disproportionately so.

  5. Groooooan! I guess Shannon Dawson was right. If you have a good QB, the coaching looks very good. Unbelievable.

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