Stoops, Gran believe Landon Young showed “flashes of real talent” against Florida

Landon Young (Savanah Stevens Photo)

Landon Young (Savanah Stevens Photo)


When Cole Mosier hurt his ankle early in Saturday’s loss at Florida, true freshman  Landon Young got his first opportunity to play.

Both coach Mark Stoops and offensive coordinator Eddie Gran seem pleased with how he fared, especially considering the way the UK offense struggled as a unit.

“He did some good things. He showed the talent that we knew he had for a young guy. Obviously, he got thrown into the mix playing at left tackle in The Swamp when you are getting beat. That is not exactly how you want to enter a game,” Stoops said.

“But really showed who he is and the player that he is going to be. He really showed flashes of real talent and the rest will come with experience and strength. But he is going to be a good player and did some good things.”

Considering the situation, Stoops said Young did a “fine job” at Florida.

“I thought he competed. He didn’t look like he had deer in the headlights. He embraced it and he made some mistakes, but that’s what’s gonna happen,” Gran said.  “But he’s gonna be better for us game nine, 10, 11 and 12 because of it. It’s a long year, so it’s gonna help us out with depth.”

Stoops isn’t sure yet if Mosier will play Saturday but goes expect George Asfo-Adjei, who can play guard or tackle, should be back Saturday.



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  1. Let’m play. They get better faster. Based on what has gone on up to now, what do you have to lose.

  2. I don’t think at this point that too many people really care about what Stoops and Gran say. We are more interested in what they produce on the field.

  3. Here it comes…Barny’s seat is about to get warmer:

    “Just 47,340 tickets have been allotted for Saturday’s game as of Wednesday night, according to a UK spokesperson. Capacity at Commonwealth Stadium is listed at 62,093 meaning almost 15,000 tickets remain.” – From SEC Country.

    Let’s do a little math. 15,000 + the give-aways for heros day or what ever it it. So call it 20 000 to 25,000 non-revenue tickets. That’s over a third of total seats. So that’s about $200,000 plus lost concessions. So call it a total of 1/2 $million short at the minimum. It won’t take long to get the UK bean counters’ attention at that rate.

  4. Guy’s I’m frustrated of what”s happen to the football program also, but keep ranting negative post doesn’t do any good. I’m a positive person that life goes on regardless what happens. The world is still spinning and we got thank god for that, Winning is like money it isn’t everything in life.

    1. Well Cats….You are absolutely correct. Money and winning in life is not everything. But they sure help to pay the bills when they come due. And when it comes to a University the size of UK, those bills are anything but small. The above was far from a rant, rather , it was a statement of fact. When the team posts losses like KY has, the attendance goes down thus reducing the necessary income to pay for all the stuff that football pays for (all of the title IX expenses for one). Yep, winning isn’t everything but when you don’t put a competitive product on the field, people will not pay a couple of grand a year to pay to see the game and if they don’t pay a couple of grand to watch the game, then there’s no football……

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