Secondary had plays that were “inexcusable”


Before Kentucky opened the season, coach Mark Stoops said he had future superstars in the secondary.

After the Southern Mississippi loss, he felt a bit differently and said the secondary did not live up to expectations in this game.

“We saw some phenomenal plays, when we were playing good I think you saw, I think all of us enjoyed when the game was going one way, because you saw some guys making one-handed interceptions and you saw the length and you saw some good plays,” Stoops said.

“Then you saw it all go the other way. So, I can’t put it all on them, that’s for sure, but no, I don’t think that we played exceptionally well in the secondary.

“I thought we played very well at times and then a few plays that are just inexcusable. The screen and go that went for I think the last touchdown is absolutely inexcusable. We cannot have the same mistakes that we have had for a while and that’s not okay.

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