‘Rat trapping’ a new problem for UK football

Maybe Mark Stoops was doing a little "rat trapping" when he had to be restrained Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Maybe Mark Stoops was doing a little “rat trapping” when he had to be restrained Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


The word of the day Monday for Kentucky coach Mark Stoops was rat trapping. Okay, it was the words of the day.

The UK coach mentioned almost as much as the Florida Gators, UK’s opponent on the road Saturday, during his media conference Monday following his team’s 44-35 loss to Southern Mississippi Saturday.

“When things go wrong, we have guys that start rat trapping,” Stoops said in his opening statement.

At first I thought he said something about rapping. But I knew that could not be Mark Stoops.

So what is rat trapping?

“How in the world would I describe that? Now I’m gonna give you a definition and it’s going to be all screwed up. It’s a Jimbo-ism (from Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher),” Stoops said.

What happens when rat trapping starts?

”Go back to bad habits. When pressure’s on the line you go back to bad habits,” Stoops said.

Having a young defense was no reason for that to happen.

“It’s not an excuse. Nobody wants to hear that anymore. Neither do I,” Stoops said.

He’s right about that. Whatever you want to call it, the Kentucky defense is out of excuses after getting dismantled the second half by Southern Mississippi.


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  1. UK had no offense in the second half because the OLine could not slow down the rush, or open any holes for UK runners. With smaller quicker players, USM defenders were in the UK backfield, up the middle and from off the edge all night. It looked like a frikin stampede! The Dline just got whipped all night after the break. That is all you can say. I watched one play where Elam got driven 5 yards off the LOS, a man 6’6 and 360 pounds, go figure. Has he ever made a defensive play?

  2. Other than the big $’s, I wonder if Stoops regrets leaving his cush job at FSU as much as we do having him as out coach?…Duped by Stoops!

  3. Back in the day, we used to call it going “native”…. We saw it a lot last year too.

  4. The key play was letting a receiver get behind everyone just before half-time. MY son was watching the game with me, and we both said “Uh-oh, here we go again.”

    1. Yes, and who called that play, Shannon Dawson.

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