No major tirades from Stoops — yet

Vicky Graff Photo

Vicky Graff Photo


One sign that Kentucky’s preseason practice went well is that coach Mark Stoops has not had any of the angry practice tirades like he has the three previous years.

“There has not been as many where I just did not feel that. The team knows, y’all generally see me wearing my emotions on my sleeve. I tell you what I’m thinking and feeling and I never felt like it was a kick in where they just submitted to the heat or the pounding of a two-a-day,” Stoops said.

“They’re really handled it well. It does not mean we were perfect and there were a lot of frustrations. That’s what happens with camp to get the kinks out.”

That doesn’t mean Stoops thought preseason practice was perfect going into Saturday night’s game with Southern Mississippi.

“We’re still always going to work on things all year to be as perfect as we can be. I always felt like the attitude, the energy and the effort has been really solid,” Stoops said.

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