Meadows, Haynes have made dramatic improvement


Junior offensive linemen Jeff Meadows and Nick Haynes have made dramatic improvement in the last year that Kentucky offensive line coach John Schlarman says is no fluke.

“Jeff really has, and it even seems from spring to now, that he has just matured in every aspect. Off the field, on the field. I really like his mindset and where’s he at right now. Sometimes it is just a maturity factor. Physically and mentally, some guys are just a little later than other guys,” Schlarman said.  “From March to now, he’s really done a good job with his focus and consistency.

“Even last year at times in games he would have a rep that you would go, ‘Wow. That is a great rep.’ Then the next one might be a real bad rep. Now he has found a level of consistency in his game and that’s what we asked him to do all along. I see him getting closer to where he needs to be.”

Haynes, like Meadows, was in Mark Stoops’ first signing class. Both were redshirted, so this is their fourth season at UK.

“All those guys in our first signing class that redshirted, the game is probably slowing down for them a little bit and they are seeing things better. Their anticipation of blitzes, they are seeing faster,” Schlarman said.

“That is good. You don’t want to put all that on one guy. (Center Jon) Toth can put us in good calls, good situations. But he’s looking between legs to see when snap and has a lot going on in his mind and as much help as those guys can give him will make us better.”

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  1. Question? Where was the Oline in the 2nd half of 9/3?

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