LSU fires head coach Les Miles, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron fired

BATON ROUGE – Les Miles has been relieved of his duties as LSU’s head football coach and will be replaced by Ed Orgeron as interim head coach for the remainder of the 2016 season, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Joe Alleva announced on Sunday afternoon along with consultation from the Officers on the LSU Board of Supervisors and LSU President Dr. F. King Alexander.

“Decisions like this are never easy ones to make,” Alleva said. “Coach Miles has done a tremendous job here and he’s been a great ambassador for our University, which makes this even more difficult.

“However, it’s apparent in evaluating the program through the first month of the season that a change has to be made. Our commitment to excellence and competing at the highest level is unwavering, and our goals for the remainder of this season haven’t changed. We have an obligation to our student-athletes to put them in the best position to have success on the football field each week and we have great confidence that coach Orgeron will do just that.”

Miles, the second-winningest coach in school history, posted a 114-34 record in 11-plus seasons at LSU. The Tigers are 2-2 overall and 1-1 in conference play this season.

Alleva announced that Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Cam Cameron was also dismissed on Sunday evening. Orgeron will announce his new staff assignments on Monday.

A press conference will take place on Monday at 12:30 p.m. to discuss the dismissal of Miles along with the promotion of Orgeron to interim head coach.



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  1. Well… Looks to me like LSU is this week’s Darwin Award candidate. I do believe they’ve gotten a bit too big for their britches. Tough schedule every year in the SEC-West. Miles will wind up somewhere very soon. He’s an excellent coach.

    1. Just got back from Lex. Paid scalpers prices for tickets to the Cats game Sat. Probably the last one I’ll attend this season. If I die today, I’ll die a happy man. The Cats played their butts off and came out a winner. Great going Cats. I love that kind of effort and competitiveness.

      1. Glad to hear you got home fine RJ. And yes, they played well on do many levels. I was especially happy to see their minds in the right place… it bodes well. Glad you enjoyed the game Buddy. I did too.

        GO CATS!!!

        1. Sempre Fi

    2. He’s a great coach but it’s a different mind set in LA. They are accustomed to winning!

    3. Can’t believe they fired Miles. If we had a coach with his record at UK, he would be Governor now!

  2. Maybe UK could land him?

    1. I don’t think there is much of a chance of the Cats getting Miles. Stoops buy out too high, and Miles will be verrrry expensive. The Cats fans want to fire Stoops because he has lost too many (about 2/3rds overall). LSU fired Miles because he didn’t win often enough (about 2/3rd of the time)! Two different mind sets……………..

  3. Would love to see Miles HC at UK with Stoops stepping aside to be Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator, and Eddie Gran as Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator.

    Do it now before someone else grabs Miles, he will not remain unemployed for long.

    One question I have about Miles/LSU is who made their scheduling decisions. Playing in the SEC West, how is it in LSU’s interest to start a season against Wisconsin in Wisconsin? A game clearly scheduled for TV in week 1, but why is that in LSU’s interest, and what role did Miles play in the scheduling. If none, then he is clearly a scapegoat.

    I have a good friend with LSU ties, and major boosters wanted him gone after last season, but he managed to hang on. For what purpose?

    1. LSU is nuts for firing this guy, just look at his record. I know we are all dreaming here, but UK should hire him today, I agree, but they won’t. To much money invested in Stoops now in contract form. It will cost UK big time to make that change. Besides, Miles may not want Stoops as his DC under your scenario. He would want to pick his own staff. While I’m at it, and IMO, LSU is making the same mistake that Georgia made in firing Mark Richt and hiring Kirby Smart. It showed at Ole Miss Sat. UK made that same mistake three plus years ago when they hired a seemingly up and coming DC instead of a proven and winning former head coach from a power five conference.

  4. I am not a Cubs fan by any means , but they had hired Rick renteria to be there coach. As soon as Joe madden became available , presto , bye-bye Rick one season in. It’s business.

  5. Maybe Petrino will show his tru colors and go after the LSU job. Now that is something I would cheer for. LOL

    1. Naaah! He won’t dive now. Patrino is about to be an Icon in Lousiville. Next year maybe but he won’t leave now. He’s earning his next big raise and contract extension.

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