Kentucky showing up but still not beating Gators


Kentucky has lost 29 straight times to Florida going into Saturday afternoon’s game with the Gators.

Until two years ago, Florida’s most recent six wins were by a combined average of 37 points per game. However, two years ago UK lost 36-30 in triple overtime in the Swamp. Last year it was 14-9.

Check out this excerpt from the Sun Sentinel:

A Kentucky game used to send linebacker Jarrad Davis scrambling for the remote, channel surfing for anything but the Wildcats.

“When you used to watch a Kentucky game, you didn’t want to watch it that much,” Davis said.

Lately, Davis has kept a much closer eye on the Wildcats.

Kentucky no longer is an SEC pushover and has come close to defeating Davis and the Florida Gators the past two seasons.

“They have a lot of athletes,” Davis said. “These past couple of years, they’ve really been showing up.”

But it takes more than showing up to win.


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  1. I will not be watching this game. I do hope the Cats win, but don’t see it happening. Beside, how can the coaches expect support from the fans, when all this week all they did was berate their team. They even said they don’t have a defense deep enough to withstand an SEC team. How is that for support. They also said they didn’t have confidence in their backups on D, but then talked about how many mistakes the starters made. Can’t a fresh backup make just as good of mistakes as a worn out starter???

    I hope Stoops is successful, but don’t see that happening with the current D coaches he has.

    1. Stoops’ defense has now given up more points and more yards than Joker’s did, and Joker got shown the door much sooner. How’s that Eddie Gran vaunted offense working out? UK football, in a nutshell, is getting worse not better. Of the remaining schedule, I see two wins. Hope I’m wrong. The string is now an even 30 in a row for Florida, and Stoops says he don’t worry about that, wow!!. Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then,

  2. Old Fan… know you will watch the game along with me. I am hoping that we don’t suffer a national TV embarrassment like we normally do. I would feel a little more confident if our coaching staff stayed home. Read on another site this morning that someone, other than me, said that we have the least talented coaching staff out there. Duped by Stoops.

    1. Mike, you called this



  5. Did not even show up today. Mailed it in.

    1. Yes they did Professor.

  6. Oh my…… One UK player played today. Jones on defense. I don’t know what to say after this performance. This goes beyond coaching. I think Stoops has lost his team.

  7. I think Stoops should run an ad in the Kernal. “Wanted football players.. Qualifications; personal pride and a desire to make a difference.”

    1. RJ, it was pitiful. I was at Shelby County Hall of Fame inductions, so just got finished watching the game. Unbelievable

  8. SAD!

  9. We have been hearing for the last couple of years what a good recruiting job we have done. If so the only answer is poor coaching. Stoops needs to find out where Billy Gillespie went and go join him.

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