Kash Daniel: “You can’t go back and do it over again no matter how bad you want to.”

Kash Daniel (Alex Otte Photo)

Kash Daniel (Alex Otte Photo)


It wasn’t hard for Kentucky freshman linebacker Kash Daniel to explain how he felt after UK lost 44-35 to Southern Mississippi in his collegiate debut.

“It sucks. Not a good feeling at all,” said Daniel.

So what happened after UK got the 35-10 lead?

“My job was kickoff and punt return. I am not sure what happened on defense. You felt confident and then the touchdown before the half was kind of scary. We came back out and it just kept happening. We didn’t respond to it,” Daniel said.

The Paintsville product said UK’s first-half offense did not surprise him.

“Our offense is really good in practice. They do what they do best — move the ball and score,” Daniel said.

But he’s ready for his first SEC road game at Florida Saturday.

“My thing about it is that you can’t dwell on stuff like this. It is over with. There is no time machine. You can’t go back and do it over again no matter how bad you want to. You just have to look forward to the next game. All we are worried about now is going to the Swamp and Florida,” Daniel said.

Can they win?

“Oh yeah, definitely. We are capable. We can play with anybody,” he said. “Just the fact we lose to Southern Mississippi doesn’t mean we can’t play with anybody. We came out and they flat-out beat us. But we are going to learn and be a lot better team for it.”


  1. Finally. An intelligent comment from the Football team. And it came from a freshman no less. There is hope after all. Maybe Stoops and Eliot will let him coach as well as play. I have a feeling Kash was “spitting mad” after the game. I like this kid. Sounds like he has a pretty good handle on what happened and he’s smart not to talk too much about it.

    1. R.J., I think they should just turn Kash loose. Needs his enthusiasm and passion. He gets it

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