J.B. Holmes feels he has made case to be on Ryder Cup team

Here’s what Kentuckian J.B. Holmes had to say Sunday after shooting a 2-over par 74 to finish fourth in the BMW Championship and qualify for the upcoming Tour Championship.

Q. It wasn’t a day that you were looking for, but you are projected 28th and you’ll make another trip to Atlanta. Your thoughts.
JB HOLMES: Yeah, definitely not the day I anticipated. Didn’t play that well and had a few putts that I lipped out that I thought should have gone in. But that’s golf, it was a great week for me, and fortunately it was just good enough to get into the TOUR Championship.

Q. Coming in here a few shots behind Dustin, did you have ideas to try and chase down the leader or were you sort of biding your time to see what happens or was it just sort of hang around and you let the day unfold?
JB HOLMES: Well, kind of got to let the day unfold. I knew that Dustin was going to have to not play well, because you shoot 66 and he’s going to shoot 2-under, and it wasn’t playing that difficult out there, so. But he took off and I think I could have shot 8-under and still would have lost. He had a great tournament and he’s playing well.

Q. How would you assess your play today with the opportunities and everything else that was swirling around you?
JB HOLMES: I didn’t start out like I wanted to. It wasn’t my best round. But I got to 3-over early and then the fought back and got it back to even. Then I hit a shot — I was trying to hit a draw, I hit it too much, and if it doesn’t clip those trees I think it would have been in the fairway, even though it was a dogleg on that hole. So you can look at that as unlucky or I didn’t hit a great shot.

So, I didn’t get a lot of great bounces today, but I was able to fight back enough to get into the TOUR Championship. Not the day that I planned, obviously would like to have played better, but in the end I it got me where I wanted.

Q. You’re going to make Davis Love, III think about you as far as a captain’s pick. How do you deal with tonight in anticipation of that call, because I know you want to be on that team?
JB HOLMES: I played great all year. I feel like — I feel pretty good about it. I played great in the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cups and all the team events, so I feel — I mean it’s totally up to him — but I feel like I played well enough to get that shot. We’ll see. It’s out of my hands, so all I can do is wait and if it happens then it was supposed to happen and if it doesn’t, then I guess I get an extra week off.

Q. Were you aware that even that little putt at the end was getting you into the TOUR Championship?
JB HOLMES: Yeah, I was aware of it. I envisioned being a little bit better than that going into the day, but that’s how it is. You don’t always have your best game and I was able to finish it off and get in the TOUR Championship.

Q. Certainly a nice feather in your cap to be able to do that under the gun. When you might not have had your best stuff. Does that take some confidence forward from that?
JB HOLMES: Yeah, I definitely didn’t make it easy on myself, I got back to 14 and was cruising and I thought I could have a chance to get to 15 and maybe chase down Castro. And then I pulled one a little bit and it hit a tree and it kicks anywhere but left I think it’s okay. Ended up making a double.

I hit two pretty good shots into the par-5 and with a chip that kind of jumped on me.

And so then I had a great putt on 16 and it lipped out.

So it was just kind of one of those days, I didn’t have my best stuff and it is what it is. I can learn from it and hopefully next time I’m in that situation I’ll play better.

Q. On that last part it was a tough time to get a couple of bugs in the face I imagine, too.
JB HOLMES: Yeah, I had a lot of bugs. The bug was on my ball in the fairway. Three times I went up to hit the show shot and a bug landed on my ball. Then I had some idiot yell as I was over it. So it was — I wanted to hit it a little quicker than I did, for sure.

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