Guest post: Which player will be focal point for fans and media on this year’s basketball team?


With the start of tent city at Memorial Coliseum I have been thinking about UK basketball and the upcoming season. With the influx of new talent on this year’s team, it will be interesting to see which players become the focal point for fans and media members.

It might be Malik Monk due to his ability to fly high above the rim or De’Aaron Fox with his speed and quickness up and down the floor. It might even be Bam Adebayo due to his size and strength around the basket but one player that I think is being overlooked is Brad Calipari. Not because of his dominating basketball skill but because the coach’s son always seems to be a lightning rod for discussion at the University of Kentucky.

UK has had three players play for their fathers as coach at UK; Herky Rupp, Sean Sutton and Saul Smith. All three created many conversations over their careers at UK. Should they play more, should they play less, why do they play if they shoot so poorly, why do they play in front of other scholarship players?

Having a coach’s son on the team always creates conversation about favoritism, poor coaching, unfairness to the coach’s son or just what is going on with the team and the coach?  Opposing fans also love to needle the coach’s son with banners, posters and verbal abuse.

I think we are in for an interesting next four years with plenty of conversations about how does the coach’s son fit into the strategy or does he fit at all?

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