Guest post: Ryder Cup fans are indescribable!

Jessica Cornelius with some of her new friends at the Ryder Cup.

Jessica Cornelius with some of her new friends at the Ryder Cup.


How do you describe the Ryder Cup? Well it’s indescribable. And I’m not talking about the golf, but the fans.

You see and hear it all in several languages. I really don’t think the Brits speak English, only understand about every third word. They definitely don’t have Southerners “over the pond.” They are friendly, at least most of them, and definitely feisty. They cheer for their boys but also appreciate good golf and will cheer for a good shot from either team.

But I sure like them better when they aren’t winning. I’m sitting here right on the putting green listening to a fivesome of blue and yellow outfitted Euros singing to the USA fans as they quietly exit the grounds. The song is “we see u sneaking out.” They were rather silent thus morning which was awesome.

Not only were the fans primed but the players were like hunting dogs ready to tree that coon. I’ve always said golf is 90 percent mental and the difference between the foursomes and four ball bears that out. Mostly same guys with different results. Just one bag swing can change your rhythm, attitude and results. Maybe the Euros, just by culture, accept adversities better than Americans whether it be the weather, coaches, partners or rub of the green.

While working the merchandise tent today I had a Euro try to “take my hand off” because there wasn’t enough Euro merchandise to choose from. Really there is 47,000 square feet here with a proper portion dedicated to Europe. He accused me of not letting their ships bring in the merchandise, (I was looking for his Red Coat). I asked where he was from and he said Northern Ireland. Well there you go.

After an awkward silence he then proceeded to compliment how well we moved everyone through and how much fun he has had.

The secret of golf … address your adversity, deal with it and finish the hole on a good note.  That’s the Euros secret. I gotta go talk with DL3 (Davis Love III).

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