Gran likes running backs’ attitudes

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)


With the way Kentucky’s offense has struggled the last six quarters, one would think UK offensive coordinator Eddie Gran might want to get the ball to more people, or maybe different players, Saturday against New Mexico State.

“Whoever we pick to go, they’ve got to do their job. If we get other guys involved then we can go. I like right now where our running backs are in terms of their attitude and getting some of those guys in there, keeping those guys fresh,” Gran said.

“It’s a long season, and we’re trying to build on that and get Sihiem (King) in there, try to get Benny (Snell) and Mikel (Horton), maybe get those guys some reps too. I’m going to try. When you only have 50 plays, we’re not driving the darn ball, it’s not good. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

Junior Boom Williams is UK’s leading rusher and has been the team’s most consistent offensive player.

Gran said he was “hitting it” at Florida when the offense stalled.

“You can’t be – especially in the SEC, especially against a defense like that – you got to go north and south. It’s a one-cut league and we really stressed that, and you saw some of them that were four yards, six yards and then we popped it,” Gran said.

“I’ll go back to where we had some success on that one drive and then we took a shot. I was talking to Mark (Stoops) and it wasn’t very smart on my part. I wish I’d have taken that back. If it’s a touchdown everybody’s happy and excited, but it makes sense.

“I got to help our guys and that’s what we got to do. We got to make sure we’re calling the right things to get them to be successful.”


  1. “Taking the shot”….. I think anyone who has ever run an organization has fallen into that trap once or twice. Learn from it and move on. I recall making that same mistake when I first took over an organization. It turns out that I didn’t know my people and their capabilities as well as I thought I did. The org. that I worked for allowed one of those boo boos but not two!

  2. Hard to run when there are no holes. O Line and D Line have been two biggest disappointments since Stoops got here.

  3. It was nice seeing Stoopsie’s name on the Hot Seat as #2 that kind of made my day. I would trade him for #1 any time. He is very deserving and will probably have that position nailed down for rest of the year.

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