Eddie Gran on JoJo Kemp: “He really wants to do everything right.”

JoJo Kemp (3)

JoJo Kemp (3)


Just a few weeks ago Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran worried about running back JoJo Kemp’s focus.

Going into Saturday’s season opening game, Gran has changed his tune a bit.

“He’s really trying. He probably has been the most consistent back throughout this camp. He’s doing everything that we’re asking him to do, and he’s understanding when to turn it on and turn it off, and that’s what I asked him to do and he did it,” Gran said.

Kemp and Boom Williams are UK’s top two returning backs. Williams is faster and more explosive.

So what does Gran like about Kemp?

“He’s a little deceiving. Sometimes you look at Jojo and it looks like he’s a little hurt. It looks like he’s an old man. But he does have some burst to him. I like his toughness,” Gran said. “If you’re an offensive lineman and you got a guy that’s going to go and he’s going to get those extra yards for you, that’s what you’re looking for.

“He’s a perfectionist. He really wants to do everything right. So you have a chance. You know you’re gonna get everything from him.”

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