Eddie Gran: “Do I have too much in?”


Kentucky’s offense went from scoring 35 points in the first half to none in the second half of that game to none for three quarters against Florida before getting a meaningless late touchdown Saturday in the 45-7 loss.

UK was 4-for-12 on third downs and had just 55 passing yards, and 45 came on backup Stephen Johnson’s pass to Jeff Badet. Starter Drew Barker completed 2 of 10 passes and had three interceptions.

So what did offensive coordinator Eddie Gran think?

“I’ve got to re-examine and find out: Do I have too much in? Is the package, what we’re trying to do, too much? Gran said. “When I got into some other sets, there was just no continuity, nothing.

“It all starts with me. So we’ll go back to the drawing board. This thing’s a lot of weeks left. We’ve got to go back and we’ve got to get better.”


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  1. No Gran….you just came in over-hyped. Stoops/Eliot are, hands down, the worse coaching tandem in all of college FB. I can’t believe they both haven’t been FIRED by now. Cappy needs to show them and Barnfart the door. Duped by Stoops!

  2. 1 play is evidently too much for your line coach. He has not produced a decent offensive line since he has been here.

    1. Bingo Old Fan. Schlarman hasn’t fielded a cohesive unit since he arrived despite some exceptional raw material. Granted he’s an alum, but cmon.

  3. Let’s analyze this problem logically. Problem: 1. a Fla team that will probably be ranked 5th in the SEC East just hung 45 points on you; 2. We made a QB that Could not get playing time on two power 5 football teams look like the next Heisman winner. Talent has nothing to do with it. These players will not play for stoops et al period. Barny needs to look at the leadership on this team. Clean house!

    1. 3. The team sucks.

  4. Gran is right about one thing. There are a lot of weeks left.

    Happy happy joy joy

  5. “We’ve got to get better”– We have heard that for several years now—–‘Sorta like the weather,everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. Do something about it Barnhart!

  6. Eventually the only person sitting in the stands will be Barnhart. We have a coach that can’t win or inspire, a clueless DC and an offense that suddenly forgot how to play and a OL coach who hasn’t shown much either. Talk about dysfunctional at best.

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