Drew Barker: “It was a good learning experience for us”

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

Drew Barker (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here’s part of what Kentucky quarterback Drew Barker had to say after Saturday’s 44-35  loss to Southern Mississippi.

On the second half …
“They just had long sustained drives. Sometimes I guess it can kind of take the wind out of your sails. I mean, it was a good learning experience for us. It’s really a tale of two halves. We’ve been preaching ‘finish’ all year. We just got to keep working, put this one behind us, learn from it and you know we got a big game coming up against Florida. A division game, so you know, we just have to get ready for that.”

On if USM made a defensive adjustment …
“Yea, maybe a little. I mean, I feel like it was just more of their long sustained drives. They had just kind of took our momentum away from us. And then I had three turnovers in the second half. So that’s all my fault. But, yeah I think it was more of the long sustained drives really.”
On where they were mentally offensively when they were up 35-10 …
“Yeah, when things are going good everybody is really happy. So the spirits were good and we just got to translate that into the second half. Take that, just come into the locker room at halftime, refocus and go out there like the score is 0-0.”


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  1. “It was a good learning experience for us”…The BBN needs action not words. The coaching staff is a disaster. We had no leadership, fight, personal accountability in the 2nd half. Kinda mirrors the coaching staff doesn’t it?” Mt. Elam is nothing more than a beached whale and ovbviously didn’t learn too much from Toth who also appears to be overrated along with the rest of the line. We got exposed again last night. It continues to baffle how Schlarman, Eliot, and Sroops keep their jobs. Yes it would be expensive to fire Stoops now, but he has not given us any ROI since he was hired. Hey Barney….how do you like him now?

  2. How did their undersized D lineman push our offensive line across. They made adjustments and we just had the same old deer in the headlights look. I hope i am wrong but this season is a crap shoot. Not enough bourbon in the world to recover from this season.

  3. Well….. At least I we have probably heard the last of Stoops saying he is happy where the team is right now.

  4. I grew up in a small town not far from Danville where it seemed that there was a town bully on every street corner (not that the had than many streets). You either learned to defend yourself or life was pretty much miserable. When the mid 60’s came around most of my friends my age and I enlisted in the Marine Corps. There, the Corps. gave us skills and the tools to fight. More importantly it instilled in us a never give up attitude. A toughness. I therefore cannot relate to a team of players sitting around being waxing philosophical about getting their butts handed to them from a smaller team. Most guys would be spitting mad. But these guys seem perfectly content to mope around feeling sorry for themselves and talk about learning situations. There really is not much to learn here. It’s about mental toughness and team pride.

    1. Semper Fi RJ. I didn’t know you were a former Marine.

      1. Semper Fi Dude..

  5. i am having some trouble letting go of that debacle last night. I live down near Nashville and found myself too embarrassed to put on my UK hat to go to the store. I am so tired of us being the laughing stock and doormat of the SEC. I find it incredulous that Stoops/Eliot showed up at Barney’s door step and made him believe that they had some defensive credentials that they could use to turn around our program.

  6. Learning experience????? Are you kidding me??? What you boys need is some Kahunas. Man up.

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