Despite numbers, Gran gives Benny Snell only “solid B” for performance against New Mexico State

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


I would not want to have Eddie Gran for a teacher after the way the Kentucky offensive coordinator graded freshman running back Benny Snell’s play against New Mexico State.

Snell ran for 136 yards and a school-record four touchdowns. The only other UK freshman to score four touchdowns in a game was Don “Dopey” Phelps in 1946.

Yet Gran only gave him a “good solid B” even though the UK offensive had scored just one touchdown in the last six quarters going into the game.

“He had a couple freshman things that you all don’t see that he’s got to get better at. But for a freshman to come in and run that way and do what he did, I was so proud of him and I was excited,” Gran said Tuesday.

“But he’s got to take it to the next level now? You got everybody back healthy. And my group now, you guys got to understand now, is as good a competition as you could ever have. They are fighting and it’s tough.”

How tough?

“I told you guys Mikel Horton’s trying to get on the field. Jojo’s (Kemp) back. Sihiem (King) is trying to get some touches. We tried on a couple and we missed on him. But it’s fierce, and it’s frustrating for them, but there’s one ball,” Gran said. “So hopefully they’ll hang in there.

“Last year I think they ended up with about two at the end of the year, and that’s this business and that’s this league. So, I’m having to, motivate them every week, and it’s hard to get them to come out here and practice for two hours and then not play,” Gran said.

“That’s the hardest thing. You’ve got to have some – suck up your pride, and you’ve got to be a team guy. It’s tough, but that’s the way it is.”



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  1. If Snell’s performance only rated a “B”, Jim Brown would have a hard time getting an “A” under that kind of scrutiny. When he carried half of the defensive line four yards into the end zone, that got a “Wow” from me.

  2. Coach talk I suppose. Maybe he missed a block, but from what I saw, if that’s a B, I would like to see an A.

    1. The biggest surprise for me with the running backs is that Horton can’t even get on the field so far. I think he did make an appearance late against NMS.

  3. When I was a freshman in high school I had an algebra teacher like Gran. Got the problem right but didn’t get credit for it because I didn’t show a step. Almost turned me completely off to mathematics. Had a great physics professor in college that got me hyped up about math again. Frankly I though Snell played a hell of a game.

  4. Grades are relative, and the key lies in how many better grades were earned in that game, and by whom. Grades aside, Snell carried the ball the way George Adams once did for the Cats. When those Adams’ teams needed yards, they gave the ball to George and he delivered nearly every time.

    1. Really good comparison, Professor. George Adams was a horse, and he never got stood up at the line of scrimmage. He always fell forward. Let’s see if Snell can continue this kind of production. He and Boom Williams give a real contrast in style that may be hard to defend.

  5. The kid has moxie. Hope it’s contagious.

  6. As tough a Freshman as I remember.

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