Could Trae Young be UK’s first 2017 commit?

Trae Young

Trae Young


Who is going to be the first player in the 2017 recruiting class to commit to Kentucky and coach John Calipari?

My guess is Oklahoma point guard Trae Young, a player who has seemed to be the top priority for Calipari in this class for over a year. He can handle the ball, shoot from long range and pass to set up others for easy shots.

He also has superior quickness that Calipari loves in point guards and has the ability to finish at the rim, another trait that Calipari wants in his  point guard.

He will make an official visit to UK for Big Blue Madness and the Cats’ main competition seems to be Oklahoma and coach Lon  Kruger.

Young was co-MVP at the Nike Peach Jam when he averaged 27 points and almost seven assists per game. He also shot almost 50 percent from 3-point range.

Getting a commitment from a top point guard could jump start UK’s recruiting class in a year that Calipari needs to sign six to eight players.



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  1. Does anyone else get nervous about recruiting? As great as Cal has been, and he has been phenomenal, setting new standards in an almost unbelievable fashion, it could all come crashing down with just one really bad year of recruiting. I think Cal would recover the next year but man o’ man it’s a lot to ask to ride the razors edge recruiting only the very best. We actually have seen shortfalls in recruiting that led to off years for Cal but not many. 2012-13 is the year I look at and see that when you only have a few good players and the best one gets injured you end up losing a few. It was only a 12 loss season (which unfortunately a typical year under Smith) but 38-1 teams and national champion teams have spoiled us all a bit. Fans can be fickle but UK fans stay with their team even when you have the NCAA breathing down your neck for no good reason.

    I stuck with the team when they gave up 150 to Kansas. Heck I still support the football team and that really takes dedication. I just don’t want to sit through another 19 loss season again (1988-89) and it is possible when you’re walking the tight rope Cal walks.

    I don’t expect it but it could happen and that may derail the Cal phenomenon. He is the very best but something like a disappointing season when he has the kind of talent coming in this year could maybe turn kids away from UK for a good while. I don’t expect it but, hey, it’s football season and I am always surprised by how they manage to mess that up. They find a new way every year it seems.

    Just paranoid I guess – and tired of the football team being as bad as the basketball team is good and really hoping nothing happens to derail the basketball team.

  2. That “disappointing season ” is very much a relative thing KG. The majority of the fan base will wait until tourney time to form firm opinions on just how successful the past four or five months had been. Most even understand the vagaries of a 35 or 40 game season. The fact that Lexington and even Kentucky is the epitome of small sports markets makes people like Cal and Stoop s prime targets of those who just know that they can do a better job. There are one or two of such folks here, on Larry’s blog. They are easily dismissed if you live by the codes that state “these are 17, 18, and 19 year old kids who make mistakes ” and ” it’s simply a game despite what the Story’s, Tipton’s, preach”. The “ditch Mitch and Rich” crowd of ten years ago is back…in full voice. Hell, a few of them may have even attended UK. That’s the attraction of a small market team. All the loud mouthed, couch coaches have an opinion.

    1. I don’t claim to know who can turn the team around. I just know it isn’t happening and I wish it would. I know who those kids are. I don’t blame them. I don’t expect Cal to fail but I do expect the football team to fail. Let’s face it, they have done nothing else for a long time. Brooks was the best coach UK has had in the past 40 years IMO and I never criticized him being hired. But I do have a problem with Stoops. Sorry that’s just true. The team is falling backward when it should be showing that he did a good job recruiting. Something is wrong. I have ideas on that but they are mine alone. I just know it is happening and has happened for a long time.

    2. BTW I never said I expected a disappointing season. i do think it will happen from time to time under the Cal system. So what. He has given us incredible teams at times. I will never criticize what he’s doing. Again I’m just being paranoid.

  3. I do not worry about basketball recruiting at all, and won’t so long as Calipari is the coach. He will continue to attract the best of the best from each new class of high school seniors. However, that does not assure no down years.

    The biggest variable that affects UK’s basketball fortunes now is the overall quality and depth of the high school senior class. When the class is rich and deep in talent Calipari, UK will get the influx of playable freshmen to be in the hunt. However, when the class is thin, and the number of college ready freshmen is small in the class, Calipari’s traditional rank of #1 or #2 recruiting for the year will not provide enough incoming freshmen to field a team that is in the hunt given the annual turnover rate.

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