Boom Williams: “A lot went wrong in the second half.”

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)

Boom Williams (Vicky Graff Photo)


What went wrong in the second half of Kentucky’s loss to Southern Mississippi Saturday night when the Cats were outscored 27-0.

For junior running back Boom Williams, it was not a hard question.

“A lot went wrong in the second half,” Williams said. “We know this one will hurt, but we have a big one in The Swamp next week.”

Williams had a 36-yard run and averaged 7.2 yards per rush. However, he had just 13 attempts because UK ran only 50 plays.

“It’s a team game, we have a lot of playmakers out there and they made some plays,” Williams said. “When you do get the ball you just have to do the best you can and make a play. That’s the motto that I go by, no matter how many times I get the ball I just want to try to do something with it.

“We can’t have any excuses, we still need to go out there and play. We need to watch film and see where we can improve.”


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  1. Got a suggestion for ya Boom. Don’t bother watching film because that’s not where the problem lies. Why don’t you boys look for some “heart” instead.

    1. I’m with you Norm…

  2. BBN…….Who do you want for your next HC?…Sarkisian has some baggage and probably headed to Bama but would be an upgrade over Stoops. Brohm would have some major qualifications but coming to UK would be a step down..LOL…what a mess we have…we have been duped by Stoops!

    1. Thought you would apply genius !

      1. U have been duped by Stoops.

  3. I tell you what went wrong in the second half. YOU GUYS DIDN’T SHOW UP!

    1. Very eloquently stated!

  4. I don’t know why Stoops keeps blaming the offense more so than the defense. He has not had a decent defense since he has been here. As I stated in a post earlier, when you score 35 points, a decent defense will allow you win most of those games. If we sent Stoops and Elliot to Alabama, I am sure they could turn their defense into mediocre in about a week. Stoops keeps going through OCs but he really needs to look at the lack of D.

    1. Lot of terrific comments on the game and Stoops all. appreciate all the insights

  5. This offense will have to put up 50 points if 35 is not enough to beat a conference USA team. Dawson just ran the same designed run play up the middle and we could not stop it because our D just sucks. Our offense laid a big goose egg in the 2nd, which was shocking. Surprising how Eliot still has a job.

  6. So much for a coaching change! The Stoops firing of Shannon Dawson sort of backfired. USM’s time of possession 40:32 to UK’s 19:28, First downs USM 32, UK 14. Those two stats alone tell the whole story. Dawson didn’t just have success running the football either, Mullens passed for 258 yards and 2 scores, he did throw 3 INT’s. Bottom line, UK is 0-1, and Dawson is laughing all the way back to Hattiesburg.

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