Bob Wiggins will be missed by BBN

Bob Wiggins and  Kyle Wiltjer

Bob Wiggins and Kyle Wiltjer


There was a time when one of the best parts of covering the University of Kentucky basketball team was being around the Terrific Trio — Bill Keightley, Van Florence and Bob Wiggins.

Keightley was Mr. Wildcat and was the first of the three to pass away. Florence was in charge of the Committee of 101 for years, but recently also passed away. Wiggins was a super fan who had gone to games over 70 years and from 1978-1997 did not miss a home or away game until a heart attack forced him to miss. Now he, too, is gone after passing away Tuesday night.

Just like Keightley and Florence, Wiggins was special. He often found his way into the media room before games and always had something to say. He was a funny man, but also realistic about his Cats and would second guess just like any other fan.

He was a man that players adored for as long as I can remember.

Tony Delk tweeted: “Mr Bobby Wiggins was wonderful man and one of the biggest UK fans I ever met. RIP you will be missed.”

“Big Wigs was one of the nicest people I have been around and was one of those personalities I’ll never forget. RIP” Kyle Wiltjer posted on social media.

And guess what — media members loved him just like they did Keightley and Florence.

This figures to be an exciting basketball season for UK, but for those of us who have been around a long time it just won’t be the same without Wiggins, Florence and/or Keightley.

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  1. I worked for Bill Keightley for 4 years and was his friend for many more.He was Best Man at my Wedding..I was in Committee of 101 for 12 years under Van..and I was around Bob Wiggins for 40 years..All are gone seems weird..3 Good men who loved UK..Rest in Peace drink 1 for me..Godspeed

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