Weekly UK football show on WKYB-FM with Dave Hopewell starts Thursday at Mallard’s

We are back on WKYB (107.5 FM) starting Thursday night at Mallard's.

We are back on WKYB (107.5 FM) starting Thursday night at Mallard’s.


With Kentucky almost set to start the season, it means it is time for former Kentucky center Dave Hopewell and myself to again start our weekly radio show.

“Cat Calls with Larry Vaught and Dave Hopewell” starts Thursday at Mallard’s on the Danville Bypass on WKYB (107.5 FM). The show will be from 6-7 p.m. each Thursday during the UK football season.

We will have special guests at Mallard’s as well as others on the phone. Former Lincoln County football coach Tim Estes will be with us most weeks as will vaughtsviews.com intern Olivia Prewitt to work the “twitter machine” as Hopewell says.

We will talk about the upcoming UK game, take a look at personnel, second guess coaching decisions and let Hopewell explain why UK has to increase expectations.

UK fan Emily Julian will join us on air Thursday at Mallard's. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

UK fan Emily Julian will join us on air Thursday at Mallard’s. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

We hope to have a lot of interaction with folks at Mallard’s. I also want to throw a little different perspective into the show by often having an “average” UK fan on the show with us. For week one, it’s going to be Emily Julian of Danville. While no one other than Freddie Maggard studies UK football more than Hopewell, Julian will bring a pure fan perspective with some interesting ideas. But she has also been “studying” her playbook to be ready for the show.

If you would like to be a guest co-host with us one week, just email me at larryvau@gmail.com and let me know why you think you would be a good fit — or why you would be better than us. Don’t hold back.

Each week you can tweet questions to us either at @vaughtsviews or @David_Hopewell or email me. Eventually we will also take calls, but Twitter and email will work best. And as noted earlier, if you come out to Mallard’s, you will have a chance to interact with us.

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WKYB (107.5 FM) also will have special high school football programming each Friday night. Phil Pendleton and Brad Smith will host Friday Night Game Night presented by State Farm (Chris Cornelius) from 7-11 p.m. all season.

Reporters will be at Boyle County, Danville, Garrard County and Mercer County games each week. Instead of play-by-play of a single game, WKYB will have live in-game updates from each reporter.

The constant updates will keep listeners up to date on each game. And there will live “listen-in” segments from Lincoln County. There could also be the same live segments from West Jessamine, East Jessamine or even Marion County at times.

Once the games go final, the show will be a regional/statewide scoreboard show with updates and player/coach interviews from various games as well as constant updating of scores from across the state.

It should be a fun, informative show each week whether you are at home or attending a game because it will be the only way to stay up to date on what is going on in every area game.

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