Stoops wants backup players performing at higher level

Mark Stoops had this opening statement to the media Saturday after his team’s second scrimmage this month:

“Another good day. I have some mixed feelings. I think always as you move into the second big scrimmage of the year and you’re really trying to be detailed and have the fine strokes on things when it doesn’t happen it kind of frustrates you a little bit, but I think overall we got a lot accomplished again. I’ve talked all summer about having the capacity to handle more and do more. There’s no doubt we’ve done that,” Stoops said.

“The players have worked through these first two weeks of camp extremely hard. We got an awful lot done. We certainly have pushed them. We’ve had full two-a-days when we could and got a lot of work there. We’ve had long practices. We’ve done probably 28 percent more work, 25-28 percent more work overall than we did a year ago. So they can handle it, they’re stronger, they’re in better shape and they’re doing some really good things.

“When you’re in a scrimmage like this and you’re looking at every player and you’re looking at 105 guys, it has a tendency to get a little sloppy with the twos and the threes and that kind of puts a sour taste in your mouth because we need everybody. We need them to play at a high level. We’re not overly deep at certain positions, and that still looks ugly at times. That’s where we need to make the biggest jump in the next two weeks.

“But again, I’m pleased. I feel like both sides did some good things. It was good to see the defense get some three-and-outs early and put the offense in some bad situations. The offense responded, did some good things as well. I think the biggest issue is, again, depth is what I’m concerned about and getting the guys that are twos and threes to play at a higher level.”


  1. Uh Oh. Already handicapping the scores!!

  2. Well it seems that the story reads the same every year. And this headline sure seems to be a chapter. Then, UK will stack wins against also rans , then people will be drinking the kool aid , then , conference games open, and then reality sets in. And typical Stoops pressers. Hey when does basketball start ? I just played the season.

    1. Go cheer on basketball then.

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