Stoops to Cats: “You’re not meant to feel real good right now”


After injuring his ankle Saturday, running back Mikel Horton  made sure he was back on the practice field Monday. That’s what having three other returning running backs along with two talented freshmen backs will do to motivate a player.

The good thing for Kentucky is that coach Mark Stoops feels competition that creates a sense of urgency is something his team has at most positions this season for the first time in his four years at UK.

“It’s like that across the board. It’s very good,” Stoops said Monday. “We’re not taking one step back. We’re gonna push forward and guys are gonna learn to fight through adversity.

“You’re not meant to feel real good right now, in two-a-days and the heart of this right now. You’re gonna be bumped and bruised and banged up a little bit, so it’s very good. We have a lot more bodies out here. That’s for sure.”


  1. It’s football. Now is when you learn to fight through the fatigue and pain.

  2. I used to hate summer practice. You’re not playing against anyone, you’re getting smacked around, It’s hot, you’re tired and everyone is yelling at you. You can’t wait for the first game to have some fun applying what you have learned and sticking it to the other guy!

    1. I hear ya RJ. Two-a-days are a different animal. Hated ’em when I wasn’t ready but enjoyed them when I did the off season work and showed up in shape. And you’re right about that first game… when it comes to a measuring stick, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

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