Stoops: Team chemistry is “wonderful”

Mark Stoops (Keith Taylor Photo)

Mark Stoops (Keith Taylor Photo)


Looking for a reason to feel optimistic about the upcoming Kentucky football season.

Well, here’s one from Kentucky coach Mark Stoops.

“I think the team chemistry is wonderful. I really do. Our players have really invested a lot. They’ve worked hard. They have a good mentality. They have a good mindset. And I’ve been pleased with that. I really have,” Stoops said.

One thing I’ve learned about Stoops is that he’s not one to embellish. If he was not happy with the team chemistry, he would either say so or certainly would not lavish praise like he did.

“Even late at night, we constantly do meetings and walkthroughs. We’ve got speakers coming and talking to them, and they’ve been very attentive and they’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do. That’s been fun to see,” Stoops said.

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