Stoops knows Drew Barker has ability to make plays

Drew Barker at Fan Day Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Drew Barker at Fan Day Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


While Mark Stoops likes what he has seen from backup quarterback Stephen Johnson — “He brings a little different skill set at times” — there is no doubt he is sold on Drew Barker as his starter going into his sophomore season.

“You saw flashes in Drew from day one. I was there in high school and watched him play. The game I was there, it was a back-and-forth game. You just saw him have that ability to create plays. Those are things that I was talking about earlier that you have to have some special players with instincts, that make things happen,” Stoops said.


Essential you have to have great structure, great scheme offense and defense. You have to have some guys that have the ability to make plays. You see it all over the place, whether it’s pro, high school or college, there’s guys that ad-lib, have that ability to scramble when they need to scramble, scramble to buy time, throw the ball down the field and make plays. He has that ability.

“He needs reps, needs to stay within the framework of the offense and execute what is there, then do what God gave him the ability to do, which is play football. I’ve seen it since high school. I saw it every year since he’s been here, just hasn’t been consistent enough. Been through that a hundred times. He won the job when he was ready to win the job.



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  1. Barker needs to lead this team, no more excuses. Not good news about Daryl Long and Regie Meant. Seems like something like this happens every year to UK right before the start of a football season..

  2. The Meant departure is very, very disconcerting to say the least. It’s been hard to really feel upbeat and positive with this staff in place. With Stoop’s and Eliot’s defensive supposed expertise it is hard to believe how they can have such lack of depth and quality on the defensive front. Our line would probably be judged as less than SEC competitive and now we could be looking at disaster.

    1. I don’t find the Reggie Meant situation the least bit disconcerting from a coaching staff standpoint. Actually, quite the contrary. Stoops has been supportive of Meant with this personal issue. If I was on this team, I’d be comforted by the fact that Coach backed him up instead of throwing him under the bus. The other two transfers are looking for playing time. When is the last time UK suffered defections for playing time? That shows progress to me… but then again unlike some of us I don’t continuously quote Chicken Little. The sky is NOT falling.

  3. Norman…..we lose that first game and the sky may very well be falling. Disconcerting because when is the last time you have seen any of these players coached up as in player development?

    1. You seem to be counting that opening game as a loss. What will you say if UK wins by 20 Mike?
      I think I sat near you couple years ago until your “expertise” made everyone in the vicinity puke and we changed our seats.

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