Scott Daniel will talk about scary 1984 plane crash on WPBK-FM Thursday

Scott Daniel and his son, Kash (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

Scott Daniel and his son, Kash (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


Today Scott Daniel is probably best known as being the father of Kentucky freshman linebacker Kash Daniel.

However, Scott Daniel has his own special story and will share that and more with Tim Estes and myself on WPBK (102.9 FM) Thursday from 7:30-8 a.m.

On Dec. 16, 1984, Daniel was on a plane with his East Tennessee State basketball teammates, media members and some fans flying to Oxford, Miss., from Birmingham.

However, the plane eventually had to make a crash landing. Somehow, all 33 people on board survived.

“It was something obviously you will never forget,” Scott Daniel said. “I was sitting about three rows behind the wing. I had a good view of what was going on. I had looked out and saw oil coming out underneath the engine. I alerted the crew. They had a mechanic on board because he had been working on that thing, which was not a good thing.

“He came back and then went back to the front of the plane. Then a couple of minutes later it (the engine) caught on fire. It burned back inside the wing into the fuselage of the plane and the plan started to fill with smoke. The fire itself started to engulf where we were. Material was dripping down and burning people pretty badly.

“It was just chaos at that point. People were screaming, crying, praying. Basically, doing last rites because you just thought there was no way you would live through the crash and fire.”

When the plane crashed, Scott Daniel was upside down but didn’t know it until he came to, unbuckled and fell straight down. He was covered in mud and corn.

“Everybody was yelling and checking on this person or that person, trying to do whatever you could,” Daniel said. “Everybody was screaming to get out of the plane.”

Once he did, the found out the plane actually broke into three pieces.

Not many today know about the crash and miraculous escape all made.

“It was something else but I guess where nobody died, it was not that huge a story,” Daniel said. “You really don’t hear anything about it.”

But you are going to hear plenty about it from Scott Daniel Thursday on WPBK-FM.

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