Linebacker Eli Brown making big strides


Eli Brown thought he would play at Kentucky last year. Instead, the linebacker was redshirted his first season.

Now he’s making it clear the redshirt season paid off with his play in preseason camp.

“Linebacker play overall needs to be improved, but I thought Eli Brown’s play was good. I’ve seen some very good things from Eli. He’s probably made his biggest strides this training camp that he has since he’s been here,” defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot said Wednesday.

Brown was highly recruited because of ability to get to the ball and also cover ground.

“He has very good instincts. He’s always in good body position. He’s an excellent tackler. He makes a lot of plays,” Eliot said. “His size was the concern last year. He’s put on some weight. He’s still growing.

“He still hasn’t played a snap of college football and there’s still a lot to learn, but I’ve been very impressed with his work over training camp.”

Eliot said being able to learn things at a slower pace during a redshirt season helped Brown.

“He can really concentrate on the details of things because he’s not expected to know the whole scheme by Saturday. I think it can be beneficial and I think it was for Eli,” Eliot said.


  1. Hope Eli has a big year. The defense is what has me worried a bit.

  2. This defense has me more than a bit worried. The DL and LB corps must be as weak and untested as any in the SEC. The secondary strength should compensate for some of this but injuries could also impact that. Think we are all chomping at the bit to see this season get launched. The pundits have always said that defense wins games, but I think it will have to be our offense this year. If Barker effective and we can minimize dropped balls, keep the pressure off our defense, we could get that bowl eligibility we have all been wanting for a long time.

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