Landon Young gives mom passing grade on radio interview

Angie Young and Landon Young

Angie Young and Landon Young


A few days after she attended the Kentucky Football Women’s Clinic, Angie Young joined me on The Leach Report to talk about that and her son, UK freshman offensive lineman Landon Young.

She insisted not only was she nervous, but she did not want to embarrass her son.

So how did she do?

“I thought she did really good. I was proud of her. She didn’t stumble too much and I didn’t think she was as nervous as she thought she would be,” said Landon Young.

“I sort of have been trying to help her. She has heard a bunch of my interviews and kind of takes tips from those because she’s heard so many. As I have progressed through football, I have had to be fluent and have had this media training. She did really good using some of that.”

Does that mean he coached her before the interview?

“Some. I don’t know how many more she will have. She did a good job. There was not much for me to complain about. She talked me up and I can’t complain about that. Plus, she is my mom and I can’t complain too much,” Young said.

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