Landon Young didn’t expect as much fan attention

Landon Young, right, had a lot of fans at the UK Women's Clinic.

Landon Young, right, had a lot of fans at the UK Women’s Clinic.


During  the Kentucky Women’s Football Clinic, freshman offensive lineman Landon Young was one of the tour leaders.

Well, actually he planned to only give his mother, Angie, a private tour of the new training facility. Instead, he ended up with a full tour.

“That was neat and I sort of wanted to do that personally for my mother. If a couple of people wanted to come in and join that, I had no problem with that,” Young said. “I just really wanted to show my mom that. I am a really family oriented person.

“I love my parents to death and miss them every single day but this is the next step of my life and I have to open the book. Every time I see them I am not scared to come up and give them a hug and kiss and say, ‘I love you Mom and Dad.’ That’s all you have when you look back.”

But at the Women’s Clinic showed Young just how popular he was with other participants as well.

“I didn’t have any expectations. I go out to these places and don’t expect people to come up and know me. I am just a little freshman here. That is something I didn’t expect but it was neat talking to those women and kind of getting inside their heads and picking them apart and learning what they love about UK and what their expectations are for me and our team,” Young said.

Young’s outgoing personality makes it easy for him to reach out to others. Often he speaks to church groups, including one the day after the Women’s Clinic.

“That is something that has been part of my life and is really important. I did an interview and they asked to put a couple of words just to describe you that starts with ‘I am’ and I had to think and do I put country boy, do I put something like and then I said, ‘I am a child of God and that is the one thing that really represented me,'” Young said.

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