How would UK football fan define success this season?

Mikel Horton (Vicky Graff Photo)

Mikel Horton (Vicky Graff Photo)


What would a Kentucky football fan’s definition of success be for this season?

That’s a question we got on WLAP Sunday Morning Sports and former UK running back Anthony White, a show regular, had a good answer.

“For the fan base it is whatever they are not doing. I am just kidding,” said White.

Maybe, but he was right. Remember when UK fans said just getting to a bowl game was great. Hal Mumme provided a taste of better times, and UK fans wanted more. Rich Brooks put the program back together, but eventually the Music City Bowl no longer was good enough.

Of course, my buddy, former UK center David Hopewell, always says UK fans don’t set the standards nearly high enough for football and should demand more.

“My definition of success is just fighting every game,” White said. “If you are trying trick plays, getting turnovers, fighting and not winning, sometimes you are just just outmanned. But if I can look and see guys giving everything, I can accept it.

“But when you are leaving plays on the table for stupid reasons and coaches continually are not making the right calls, then it is an issue. I want to just see the game compete.”

After that we got a call from a die-hard football fan. His idea of success is was seeing a program that makes an upward progression each season.

“Competing with Tennessee and Florida and being them. You can’t be losing to Vanderbilt. We want to beat Louisville. As a football fan, you want to see progression and have your team competing with the best,” the caller told us.


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  1. Success this season: A bowl trip

    1. Agreed, Professor. 6+ wins this season, and then begin to compete for the upper echelon of the SEC East next season. We can’t complain about not being on an equal footing facility-wise any more. From this point on, it is recruiting and coaching.

  2. Anthony White is right. Leave it all on the field. One block can mean the difference in a game. You compete hard every game and get the fundamentals right breaks start to come your way. If the coaches are not making the right calls, it’s pretty obvious. When the players give up, it’s also pretty obvious. If you are outgunned, it’s as obvious as a slap on the face. But when you lose due to lack of motivation or just plain give up, you will lose fans.

    1. I agree our players need to Leave it all on the field. And I agree that you add correct fundamentals breaks should start to come our way. However Professor & True Blue are right. Success this year is tangible – 6 wins & a Bowl.

  3. 7 wins, including the bowl win, finishing 7-6. I just don’t see it with this schedule. Stoops seems confident.

    1. I concur LP. I’m really looking forward to this season.

      GO CATS !!!

  4. I think the games that will tell us if we are making progress are the 4 SEC games after the BAMA trip – (Vandy, Miss. State, Mizzou, & UGA) We need to win at least 2 of these games to show some progress in the SEC. These are lower to mid-level SEC?? We need to win these first before we take the next step against the top of the SEC. 3 of these are at home.

    I have broken the schedule into equal 1/3 segments with 4 games in each:
    4 WINS – (So. Miss, N. Mex. State, USC, A. Peay) All at home
    4 Losses – (Fla., BAMA, Tenn., Another team-I just can’t bear to type team name here)
    4 Defining Games – Season defining? Program defining? The 4 SEC teams above
    (Vandy, Miss. State, Mizzou, & UGA)

    Mike & Professor both pointed out the importance of winning the 1st game against So. Miss. I agree as this sets the tone & they should be a formidable opponent. Also we need to be 3-1 after the USC game. Then measure our progress with Vandy, Miss. State, Mizzou & UGA. We don’t want to go into the final 3 games needing 2 wins to get a bowl.

  5. CU: So. Miss is by far not a gimme but KY has to win this one to set the stage for the remainder of the season. USC always gives us fits. I just don’t see KY beating GA this year. If I’m wrong and your numbers are spot on, KY has a great opportunity to knock off Louisville. KY can go into the game with confidence instead of being afraid and end up in a decent bowl.

    1. Great comments by all on this season. I can’t decide if four wins is realistic thinking or if six or seven is really realistic. But just think this season could be special but to me key games are South Carolina and Mississippi State. Win those two and who knows

      1. I do think we will win six – The 4 that I listed above plus 2 of my “Defining Games.”
        Probably Vandy & Miss. State. Mizzou is within reach but it is an away game. You all are probably right about UGA – That one will be tough.

        Larry – I agree that USC & Miss State are key games.

      2. Larry I think Coach Stoops has certainly placed himself in position for some exposure this year.

        The QB he benched last year was just named to the preseason watch list for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

        Not to mention Towles will be playing against Louisville and against Clemson and Florida State.

        The same fans who wanted Towles gone I’m sure will be the first ones calling for Coach Stoop’s head for letting Towles go, if or when things go bad.

        1. I think not. They put everybody but my dog on that watch list. Towles will be watching before the season is halfway through.

          1. Right on Norman.

  6. WOW. First conversation I’ve seen here in a while. My two cents? … I agree with CU’s 4, but think Vandy and Mizzou are the best chance to catch 6 wins. The Tigers are in a turmoil and they just lost two key D linemen. Mississippi State might be more of a handful than we expect. USC should be ours to lose but it will be a battle. Bottom line… if we get 6 under our belt before we play the Cards, I expect us to rain on UofLs parade.

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