Hinshaw says receivers are “working their butt off”

Darin Hinshaw

Darin Hinshaw

Quarterbacks coach Darrin Hinshaw offered some quarterback and receiver insights after practice Friday that I thought  you would enjoy.

On what the most important thing the quarterbacks got out of camp was: “Again, decision making and targets are our No. 1 thing, and putting us in an environment – you got to understand, all summer they don’t have shoulder pads on. So to put shoulder pads on, and obviously that’s what camp’s for. They throw in the summertime, they throw three to four times a week, and then they take the weekend off, I tell ‘em, so they can rest their arms. They go 18, 19 straight days in a row where we throw, so it’s always tough. It’s tough on our arms, it’s tough on the mental capacity, and that’s what you get from camp, that you come out and it makes the game the game easier.”

On the progression of the wide receivers: “They have progressed – I mean, it’s apples and oranges from when we first got here in January to where they are right now. They’re working their butt off. They understand what effort is. They understand how to run their routes, they understand what to do. Again, they’ve been through a lot. They have run miles upon miles upon miles in this camp and they keep coming and they keep coming and they keep coming ready to fight. And it’s making them better so they’ll go make plays in the game. Really proud of that group. Coach (Lamar) Thomas and Coach (Tommy) Mangino have done a great job with them.”

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  1. Well the talking season is about over, time to strap em up and play ball. That will show how much UK has improved more than these interviews. I am ready for some football.

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